“stand-alone and multiple software platform”

WaterLink Spin Touch is fast and flexible—works with Cloud-based platform, DataMate Web, WaterLink Connect and DataMate 10.


Features & Benefits

Color Touchscreen

No computer, smartphone or table required

NFC, BT & USB-C Communication

Waterlink Spin

Improved test performance, future upgradable

Six wavelengths vs current four

Internal batteries and lit power button

Latest News/Blog Items

waterlink spin from lamotte

Waterlink Spin LamotteThe LaMotte Company has been a committed leader in providing quality equipment and guidance for water analysis since 1919. Today the company produces the broadest line of portable test equipment, and continue our focus on your specific needs by offering improved products, strong technical support and the most extensive Custom Test Kit Service in the industry.

Reagents, instruments, and test kits are designed and manufactured at their facility in Maryland, USA. And, their Research and Development staff is constantly improving existing products and seeking new methods and reagent packages.

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