About Us

Our company has been supplying water quality testing products to our Australian customers since 1988. We were founded by the Tyerman family after they acquired the right to distribute LaMotte products. The Tyermans sold Vendart to its present owner, Salima Holdings, in 2007.

Today we are LaMotte’s biggest customer outside of the USA. We are the only company in the world with the right to manufacture LaMotte reagents, which is done under careful supervision of LaMotte’s quality assurance department. The LaMotte name is now synonymous with water quality testing in Australia’s swimming pool and spa industry, and in environmental water quality monitoring and education.

In 2009 we became the exclusive Australian distributor of Macherey-Nagel’s line of water quality testing products. With Macherey-Nagel’s products we have moved into the water treatment industry, and entrenched our position as the leading supply of test strips in the country.

We take pride in the fact that all of our people are science graduates. And all of us have either been to Germany or the USA for product training, or received training from our manufacturers here in Australia. This, together with our enthusiasm for what we do and the flexibility that comes from being a small company, makes us a great company with which to do business.

We take pride in the technical ability of our people. All of us are science graduates. And all of us have been trained, both here in Australia and oversees, in the use of our products. What’s more, we all love what we do. Water quality testing is an interesting business. And the people in it are a pleasure to deal with.

Our commitment to the people who buy our products is that we will give you the fastest, friendliest and most competent service we can, and that we will continue to look for new and interesting products for you at reasonable prices.