We Move To Larger, More Modern Premises

We have just recently moved to new premises in Seven Hills, NSW. Read more


WaterLink Spin® Water Testing System Reagent Disc Range Expanded

Introduced only two years ago, the LaMotte WaterLink Spin® photometer-based pool and spa water testing system has set a higher bar for the industry. An important component of the system is the sealed reagent disc—which contains the precise amount of reagent needed to run multiple complete tests. Read more


Improving Customer Service Can Increase Chemical Sales: SwimartWarners Bay’s Experience

Even if Chemicals can account for a large portion of a pool shops sails, selling chemicals is not easy. This requires knowledgeable staff and a good water testing system. If the water testing is slow and clumsy, and if it produces inaccurate results, customers quickly lose faith in the shop. Without this, you can really find it hard to sell chemicals. Read more


WaterLink Spin Makes Water Quality Testing A Breeze for Terrey Hills Swim School

Terrey Hills Swim School is set in a sprawling property covering five acres in that suburb. Founded by Anne Jenkins and Ken Aspinall in 1989, Terrey Hills Swim School started with a single swimming pool and now has three and handles about 3,000 students per week.
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