Improving Customer Service Can Increase Chemical Sales: SwimartWarners Bay’s Experience

Even if Chemicals can account for a large portion of a pool shops sails, selling chemicals is not easy. This requires knowledgeable staff and a good water testing system. If the water testing is slow and clumsy, and if it produces inaccurate results, customers quickly lose faith in the shop. Without this, you can really find it hard to sell chemicals.

This is exactly the problem Michael Hill faced in his Warners Bay pool shop over a year ago (2104). The franchise was purchased from a previous franchisee of Swimart, one of the biggest and most highly regarded franchise groups in the pool industry.

The shop came equipped with two photometers that were doing 50 to 100 water tests every day. But, the photometers were not coping. Customers were having to stand in long queues while frustrated staff washed test tubes and crushed tablets.

Michael decided to replace the old photometers with new WaterLink Spin systems, which be bought from Vendart. Testing time reduced from “up to 10 minutes” to now just 60 seconds. And the long queues vanished.

Staff no longer had to go through the laborious process of washing test tubes, crushing tablets and timing reactions and looked forward to doing test, which they avoided before. Now there was time to actually engage with customers, to ask them questions about their pool, and to give them technical advice.

Another benefit Michael noticed was an increase in specialty chemical sales. With the old photometers, there was no time to test for things like iron and copper, whereas with WaterLink Spin, these are part and parcel of the standard tests.

Michael also notes that an important contribution to the success of his WaterLink Spin system was the training his staff got from Vendart. Besides water chemistry and testing technique, they learned how use water testing to increase chemical sales. Michael feels that his staff now “speak more confidently and technically with customers to justify their chemical recommendations.”

You can download a Case Study on SwimartWarners Bay by clicking here.

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