WaterLink Spin Makes Water Quality Testing A Breeze for Terrey Hills Swim School

Terrey Hills Swim School is set in a sprawling property covering five acres in that suburb. Founded by Anne Jenkins and Ken Aspinall in 1989, Terrey Hills Swim School started with a single swimming pool and now has three and handles about 3,000 students per week.

Looking around the facility and meeting the staff, one quickly gets a sense of the pride that they have in their jobs and workplace. According to Anne Jenkins, Director of the school, their focus has always been on achieving swimming expertise and keeping fit.

Maintaining the swimming pools in tip-top condition has been a real effort because of the previous pool water test method that was used. This required the use of tablets that had to be crushed and according to Anne, “it was messy and not really accurate. The test unit also had to be sent in for re-calibration regularly. In the end, we relied on Ken only to do the water quality tests alone to get this done accurately. We also found that the staff had a lot of difficulty in getting the tests done correctly.”

In mid-2103, the pool technician who looked after pool maintenance, introduced Anne to the LaMotte WaterLink® Spin—a water quality test system using new technology, nine tests done in only 60 seconds. Anne then contacted us at Vendart Pty Ltd, for a demo.

Anne notes that Vendart quickly sent a technician to show them how to use the product. They were immediately sold on WaterLink Spin. She explains that “not only did we find the unit easy to use, but also very quick to produce the test results. Wow, we didn’t have to crush any tablets, just inject a pool water sample into a disc, insert into the unit and wait 60 seconds for the results. These automatically go to a program that keeps track of every test conducted.

“And, we don’t have to send the meter for re-calibration, as this is done automatically. So, we have no downtime. More importantly, we allowed all the staff to use WaterLink Spin, which they really enjoy using.”

“We are proud of our pools and have found these to now be a lot cleaner than before,” she notes.

And, what about the quality compared to other swim school pools she knows of? According to Anne, their pools were better, but now the others have taken a leaf from their book and they now use WaterLink Spin.

You can download a Case Study on Terry Hills Swim School by clicking here.

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