NEW disk allows you to do three tests per disk. Your cost per test now down to one third, as you get to use each disk three times. Using new technology we now provide you with this patented centrifugal fluidics reagent disk.
TESTs in the new disk:

  • Free Chorline
  • Total Chlorine (Bromine)
  • pH
  • NOTE: Combined Chlorine is calculated by WaterLink Spin Touch


  • you test for all three factors in only 30 seconds
  • Disk now has no incomplete blanks, the syringe fills in all blanks
  • You also get less underfills – now easier to see when enough water has been injected

More on SpinTouch

  • Spin technology virtually eliminates user-error for more reliable resutls
  • You don’t need a computer, table or smartphone to run the meter
  • Spin touch stores test dates, times and results—downlaodable to a computer or Cloud software