New colour touchscreen

You no longer need to use a computer, tablet or smartphone to run the meter.
Just do three easy steps: select disk, select test (if using 3-test disk), run test.
All test results are stored for future reference, with date and time mark. You can view this on the screen.

No external battery

The cumbersome external batter pack has been replaced by internal batteries. These are easily charged via USB, not through a separate power jac. And, the battery charge last a minimum of 100 tests

NFC, BT & USB-C Communication

Uses the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for “touch” pairing and connecting with phones—eliminates most multi-phone and multi-meter connection issues.
Bluetooth allows wireless communication with tablets and smartphones for connecting with Cloud software. An optional wireless printer can print date, time and test results live or selected date/time range on screen.
Latest USB-C I/O connector port has universal orientation. Enables battery charging, firmware updates, test result history downloads and direct computer operation (for in-store/lab use).

Six Wavelengths vs Current Four

This may enable improved test performance for some existing tests, while enabling future new test (future upgradeable).
Also, allows for new optical improvements that may be added in the future—which may improve accuracy and repeatability of meters.

Rugged, More Waterproof Housing

Features rubber finger grips and base. The hinge area has been improved to prevent water ingress inside of meter. The gasket seal around the display prevents water entry from wet fingers.
Other improvements include rubber plug over USB-C port. The meter comes in a rubber waterproof carry case.

Lit Power Button

Allows user to note on and off state of the meter from a single button on the front of the meter, just below the screen. The button also amplifies Reset process.

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