WaterLink Spin® Water Testing System Reagent Disc Range Expanded

Introduced only two years ago, the LaMotte WaterLink Spin® photometer-based pool and spa water testing system has set a higher bar for the industry. An important component of the system is the sealed reagent disc—which contains the precise amount of reagent needed to run multiple complete tests.

With the addition of less than 3 ml of water into a reagent disc, all tests are done automatically and completed in just 60 seconds. To expand user capability, we have released a new disc.

After thorough testing locally, the Phosphate disc is now available in Australia. With the release of the reagent disc, Vendart now offer four discs: Chlorine/Bromine, Chlorine/Bromine plus Phosphate, Chlorine/Bromine plus Borate and Biguanide plus Borate.

Available in desktop and mobile versions, WaterLink Spin gives accurate measurements of now up to 10 different water quality parameters, with little user effort.

The four discs combine different tests that include free and total Chlorine, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness, Cyanuric Acid, Copper and Iron.

It is good to note that the accuracy and sensitivity of the tests have also been improved, as part of an ongoing development process. LaMotte chemists are constantly looking for ways to improve accuracy and sensitivity of the product.

As well, the reagent disc has been changed structurally to reduce any chance of air bubbles making their way into its reagent wells. The inadvertent introduction of air bubbles can cause testing errors and this new ‘baffle’ design goes a long way to eliminating that possibility altogether.

Since its release a couple of years ago, WaterLink Spin has made incredible in-roads, with unprecedented industry acceptance. The mobile version has been upgraded recently to work in both Apple and Android platforms, as well as use Cloud-based technology to provide even more benefits to the user.

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